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This site features interesting topics about the MEGA brand. It is here where one can can learn about the "catching to canning" process of MEGA in order to produce one of the best tasting and highest quality sardines brand in the market , aside from other products ,services, and career opportunities of Mega Fishing Corporation.

Other fishing companies use the traditional technique of shovels and tubs to store and transport the fish catch to the canning plant. Such a technique unnecessarily extends the exposure of the fish catch to the elements, where exposure results to temperature increases creating undesirable histamine levels that cause allergies when the fish is consumed. On the other hand, Mega Fishing Corporation (MFC) takes pride in being the first company in the whole of Asia to use the fish pump technology as opposed to the traditional method of using shovels to move the fish into storage compartments in the carrier ships. Because there is no need to use shovels on the fish, the fish pump technology allows less handling of fish by the fishing crew.

The pursuit of freshness and food safety, however, does not stop with the fish pump. The freshness of the catch must be preserved during transport to the canning plant. As such, as opposed to the traditional method of using tubs packed with ice, Mega Fishing Corporation uses insulated plastic storage bins to maintain fish temperature at 0 degrees, thereby locking in freshness. In net, the use of the fish pump and insulated plastic storage bins are some of the world class technologies that Mega Fishing Corporation has invested in to bring to the market the freshest sardines possible .

As a further testament to the quest for quality and food safety, Ayala Seafoods Corporation, the canning plant of Mega Sardines, has been certified ISO 22000 - the first sardines manufacturer in the Philippines to be given such a distinction. The ISO 22000 certification recognizes the ability of Ayala Seafoods Corporation to consistently control food safety hazards to ensure that food is safe for human consumption all the time. As such, the ISO 22000 certification ensures that all food products manufactured by Ayala Seafoods Corporation pass strict food safety standards, including the flagship Mega Sardines.


TROPHY and PLAQUE Awarded to - Mr. William Tiu Lim "As 2009 YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR

Ayala Seafoods Corporation awarded by the Department of Education as 2011 OUTSTANDING STAKEHOLDER